Become a British Council attached centre and join a global learning network of thousands of ambitious schools and institutions. 

As an attached centre, you can offer world-renowned exams from Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). This can boost your profile and reputation, while making it convenient for students to sit exams in the same venue as they are taught. You can also benefit from co-branding your centre with the British Council and the exam board.

The British Council will:

  • help to organise registration
  • handle all exam administration
  • offer support and advice for students and teachers
  • ensure the security of all exam venues
  • be on hand to help teachers and principals where needed.

Why offer IGCSEs/International GCSEs? 

Why offer A- and AS-levels? 

How to become an attached centre

Becoming an attached centre is straightforward. All you need to do is get in touch and complete the relevant forms. You can become an approved centre in four simple steps:

Step One

Contact the British Council to let us know you’re interested in becoming an attached centre.

Find out if your school meets the requirements for becoming an attached centre outlined under 'Fees and requirements' below.

Step Two

Complete and return the ‘centre approval form’  for the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) attached-centre application documents provided by the British Council. 

You may need to provide:

  • a school prospectus or other promotional literature
  • a list of all teaching staff, including names, qualifications, nationality, years at the school and subject expertise
  • samples of both teachers’ preparation books and student papers
  • a list of subjects and syllabuses offered at the school
  • attendance records and lesson timetables.

Step Three

Allow a British Council representative to come to inspect your school and discuss your teaching approach. 

The approved inspector will need to speak with the school principal and be allowed to ask questions of both teachers and students as needed. 

Step Four

The inspector will submit a report to the British Council. We will communicate the details to Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). If all goes well your school will be approved to start offering International GCSEs, IGCSEs or A-levels.

Once approved, your school must agree to accept periodic and unannounced re-inspection from British Council representatives. 

Fees and requirements

Contact the British Council for the current fees. You may also need to pay an initial inspection fee if you are a new school.

All schools are expected to meet some basic requirements to become an attached centre. For example, your school must:

  • be a bona fide teaching institution
  • employ teachers with a first degree or equivalent and a minimum of three years’ teaching experience
  • have senior academic staff with a master’s degree or equivalent and five years’ experience
  • use a science laboratory with basic equipment if you wish to offer three science subjects
  • have access to a library with relevant books and computer access
  • contain spacious, light and well-ventilated classrooms
  • use reliable furniture and equipment
  • take health and safety seriously.