The British Council's verification service is provided to individuals who are UK educational qualification holders.
We verify all education, training and professional awards, including certificates, degrees and diplomas, at all levels issued by any accredited UK institution or organisation.
The British Council reserves the right to reject verification of any document if the programme or institution is not recognised by the UK education board, if the document is found to be altered or defaced in any way or if there is any question regarding the originality of the document.

Note on school certificates

The British Council are unable to stamp and sign British certificates and documents from schools in the United Kingdom. The following documents should be notarised and legalised prior to coming to Oman. If you fail to do so then you will be required to send the documents back to the United Kingdom to obtain the required stamp. Detailed guidance on getting these documents stamped correctly are available at

How much does it cost?

Verification admin fee is OMR 15 per board. Stamping fee is OMR 5 per stamp.
Note: fees are per stamp/signature regardless of a document (i.e. transcripts) having more than one page.

The application process

Step 1: Visit our office with your original education qualification certificate and ID.
Step 2: Complete the verification request form and submit a consent letter. We will then email a copy of the consent letter along with the a copy of your document to the awarding UK institution for confirmation.
Step 3:  We will contact you once we receive a confirmation of the authenticity of your qualification.
Step 4:  You may then visit us with your documents to have it stamped.
If you have further queries, please contact us.

How long will it take?

We endeavour to deliver the confirmation within two weeks. This may take longer depending on the turnaround time of the UK institution.
Please be aware that some UK institutions offer paid verification services. In such cases, you will be requested to contact the university to pay the corresponding fees and request a verification.
The British Council holds no responsibility for any delay caused by the UK education institution concerned.

When can I visit the British Council?

We are open for verification services from 08:00 to 19:00 Sunday to Thursday.