“I walked into my first CELTA class expecting it to be more or less like every other course I’d studied. Less than ten minutes later, I was convinced  that it was going to be nothing like all these other classes I’d been thinking about. There are definitely no shortcuts and it’s a lot of hard work but as stressful and challenging as the course is, it was also one of the most rewarding and exciting teaching experiences I’ve had to date.”Sruthi Grace Abraham (CELTA, January 2014)

“An excellent course by an excellent trainer. I learned the teaching strategies for all the skills tested by the exam.”
Salim (Effective IELTS Teaching, October 2015)

“Very useful, interactive, informative and interesting as well. It was an excellent course, I enjoyed every minute of it.”
Habiba (Effective IELTS Teaching, October 2015)

“It was useful and interesting. I learned how to help students do their best in the IELTS exam.”
Abdullah (Effective IELTS Teaching, October 2015)

“It was wonderful. It gave me a chance to clear my doubts about teaching IELTS.”
Majid (Effective IELTS Teaching, October 2015)

“It was excellent. It offered us confidence to prepare students for IELTS.”
Zainab (Effective IELTS Teaching, October 2015) 

“The TDC shifted my teaching from teacher-centred to student-centred. It has enlightened my mind and helped me to do my work well.”
Salma (Teacher Development Course,  April 2015)

“In very session I’m learning new ideas and concepts about lesson planning and strategies on how to focus more on my learners.”
Hassan (Teacher Development Course,  April 2015)

“The course is very fruitful. I would love to do this type of course again in future.”
Ghalib (Teacher Development Course,  January 2015)

“It gave me lots of new ideas which I will use in my teaching, I learnt new ideas and techniques which I was not aware of. It was very helpful.”
Zainab (Teacher Development Course,  April 2015)

“I enjoyed it and learnt many approaches to teaching.”
Hamed (Teacher Development Course, January 2015)