Students talking to eachother

Why do employees need customised courses?

Many people who use English at work need to develop particular skills in order to carry out specific tasks in their job. They may need to develop better English for a variety of reasons such as speaking on the telephone, writing reports or giving presentations. 

We can create specially customised courses to help your employees develop the particular language and skills they need to perform better at work.

How are the courses organised?

These courses are performance based and the content of the course and the assessment system can be discussed and negotiated to ensure that it matches the real needs of your employees. We can design tasks around real examples and documents from your employees' work.

Where can my employees study on these courses?

We can deliver the courses at the British Council or at your premises.

What is the next step?

Contact us to arrange a placement test to determine the language needs of your employees.

We can then meet to discuss the content of the course and design a plan that will suit the outcomes you need.