Our business English courses focus on the situations that are most relevant to your employees' everyday working lives. The teacher will select materials to help with the specific areas they need to improve. These include negotiating skills, emailing, giving presentations, managing meetings and more.

Learn the world’s business language with the world’s English experts and your employees will:

  • improve every aspect of their English to communicate better in the workplace 
  • use targeted, up-to-date business materials that help with the specific areas they need to improve
  • meet other professionals, share business ideas and solutions and build their professional network
  • experience business focused lessons, allowing them to practise English through role-plays, presentations and written tasks
  • learn in a professional, business-like environment with all the latest technology.

Course information

  • Levels

    Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate

  • Course format

    The courses follow a modular system. There are four 42-hour modules.

  • Course location

  • Price

    185 OMR