"He (my teacher) helps me with my classwork and my spelling."
Siad Fahad, Primary 4 (Summer school for kids, 2015)

"I have a fun teacher, she plays with us and we learn fun things."
Rita, Lower Secondary 3 (Summer school for kids, 2015)

"I like my teacher because she teaches us but we also play games and make things like a volcano."
Deema, Lower Secondary 4 (Summer school for kids, 2014)

"My teacher is amazing, she's so active and wants us to learn, she's like my mother and she's my hero."
Salim, Lower Secondary 4 (Summer school for kids, 2014)

"She (my teacher) is so kind and helpful and calm.  I like everything about her."
Selina, Lower Secondary 5 (Summer school for kids, 2015)

"What I like most about my teachers is they are kind, helpful and they encourage students to achieve their goals. They explain things properly and sometimes they crack jokes too!"
Arnau Santosh, Lower Secondary 5 (Summer school for kids, 2015)

“In the British Council learning English is fun and helpful at the same time. I make new friends and I enjoy it.”
Mohammed, Upper Secondary 6 (English for teens, 2015)